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Love Potions

In the mood for witchy romances?

How about seven of them from NY Times, USA Today, and other bestselling authors.

This is a great way to explore new to you authors and check out first in series books. Hurry. This set is time limited.

Here’s  little bit about each book:
Witch in Charge:
It’s all fun and games until Kelly’s gargoyle statue turns into a real man…
Brimstone and Brooksticks:
A family of witches, a sexy stranger, a missing werewolf, and a whole town of paranormal suspects!
The Library, the Witch, and the Warder:
If the witches don’t get him, the werewolves will.
Wildest Bear:
Clan witch Tally knows she’s fortunate to have married Marcel. Before the alpha of the Ouellette clan allowed it, witch and werebear relationships were strictly forbidden. 
Claiming His Witch:
A shifter fighting for his place in the Feral Breed…
A witch searching for a place in her coven…
A love that breaks every boundary. 
Break This:
Sparks fly when a world class MMA fighting bear shifter, and a plus size model with a special talent end up as unlikely allies.
A druid’s determination…A witch’s stormy rite of passage…

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