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Conjuring Fate, Sanctuary Book One

Gone. Everything. In one fell swoop.

 Maybe it didn’t happen quite that fast, but it sure seemed like it.

I remember everything like it was yesterday. Or, more accurately, I couldn’t forget even if I tried. And I have, tried that is. With every fiber of my being. But the damned tape reel has a replay button, and it blasts through my brain over and over again.

I was just nineteen then. One very long year ago. I’d finished my first year at university and was on vacation between semesters. We were in Mexico at a sorcery retreat when our phones beeped and screamed warning of impending doom. Details didn’t emerge for a long while, but our relative isolation in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains saved us from immediate annihilation.

We should have remained there, but hindsight is always twenty-twenty.

In an ill-conceived attempt to escape, we finally gave up navigating clogged roads, left our bus, and teleported back to the states. I’m not sure if that was the beginning because it felt like the end of everything I’ve ever known.

Survival has reduced me to someone I barely recognize. Some days, I wonder why I bother, but then I pick up the banner and face another day. Better not to think too hard or pick reality apart. If I did, I’d loose my power and burn down the world.

About Ann

I'm basically a mountaineer at heart. I remember many hours at my desk where my body may have been stuck inside four walls, but my soul was planning yet one more trip to the backcountry. There's a timeless element to the mountains. They feel like old friends as I visit them, and visit them again. There's nothing like standing on a remote pass where I've been before and seeing that the vista is unchanged. Or on an equally remote peak. Mountains are the bones of the world. They'll prevail long after all of us are dust. It feels honest and humbling to share space with them. I hope I'm blessed with many more years to wander the local landscape. The memories are incomparable. They warm me and help me believe there will be something left for our children and their children after them.

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