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Court of the Fallen, Magick and Misfits Book Three

Releasing January 5th, 2021. Preorder yours today.

Urban fantasy and slow burn romance wrapped into a serial that will keep you up reading long into the night.

 Strange bedfellows rock worlds.

Faery has changed so much I barely recognize her. I suppose every regent who loses a major war feels the same way about his country. The worst part is I didn’t see this coming. A few minor skirmishes, sure, but the Unseelie fielded tens of thousands against us. The King of Winter is finally exacting revenge against the consort who spurned him. The rest of us are collateral damage. He played his hand well, attracted powerful allies, and punted us into a definite one-down position.

For the moment.

Pegasus is the king’s primary ally. I possess knowledge that will blow their partnership sky high. And proof in case neither of them believes me. Timing is everything, though. Not putting my evidence in danger is at the tiptop of my list. I love her, and I wouldn’t draw attention her way if it weren’t necessary. She’d pooh-pooh my pussyfooting around. Even if I wanted to muffle her connection to Pegasus, she’d overrule me and throw it in his horsey face.

We must wrest Faery from the enemy. I finally hold the land link, but success is far from a foregone conclusion. More blood will flow before we’re done. Buckets of the stuff, but I can’t let that stop me.

About Ann

I'm basically a mountaineer at heart. I remember many hours at my desk where my body may have been stuck inside four walls, but my soul was planning yet one more trip to the backcountry. There's a timeless element to the mountains. They feel like old friends as I visit them, and visit them again. There's nothing like standing on a remote pass where I've been before and seeing that the vista is unchanged. Or on an equally remote peak. Mountains are the bones of the world. They'll prevail long after all of us are dust. It feels honest and humbling to share space with them. I hope I'm blessed with many more years to wander the local landscape. The memories are incomparable. They warm me and help me believe there will be something left for our children and their children after them.

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