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Abandoned, Bitter Harvest Book Three

A runaway spell is the most dangerous weapon of all.

Recco misses his cozy lab and well-organized veterinary clinic, but ten years as a Vampire stripped him of any illusions. Life is done handing him everything he wants. He could rail against fate—which never bought him much—or suck it up and keep going. Defeating the Cataclysm broke Vampirism’s hold on him, though. Even better, it threw Zoe square in his path and kicked open the door for him to bond with a wolf.

When Zoe left Ireland for a visiting professorship in Wyoming, she assumed she’d be home in a year. She didn’t factor in being trapped by the Cataclysm and scratching and clawing for everything from food to air clean enough to breathe. She’s a very different woman now. And not one she likes all that well—or even recognizes some days. A rotten sailor, she never imagined she’d end up on a ship.

In a world with few choices, evil runs rampant and none of the old rules apply. Darkness stalks the ship. Harsh and ruthless, it blocks them at every turn.


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