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Deceived, Bitter Harvest Book One

A runaway spell is the most dangerous weapon of all.

 Vampires aren’t supposed to feel anything beyond hunger and bloodlust, but Viktor still feels a whole lot. He hates what he’s become, but there’s no escape. Not from the dying city smothering him, or from his maker, an arrogant tyrant who demands absolute loyalty.

Ketha’s a shifter and a seer, for all the good it does her. Not enough magic is left to power much of anything. In a rare victory, an image forms in her glass, and she understands how magic broke the world—and how to fix it. The only antidote is an alliance with vampires, but she can’t convince anyone to cooperate.

Desperate and trapped, she turns what’s left of her magic on the Vampire assigned to lock her away. He’s different, not quite as callous or aloof as his kin. It’s a gamble, but she’s out of options. Maybe magic can’t bail them out, but love might be able to salvage what’s left.

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  1. Hi Ann

    I thought I was on your ARC review team but I didn’t receive this book, just wondering if I am still on it, I’m in Australia so my reviews are usually on

    regards Pauline

    • Hi Pauline,
      I bet you’re not on my review team. I only send out books on request. It’s the only way I can keep track of who has what. But I will double check my list and let you know. Best Wishes! Ann

  2. I would LOVE to ARC for you…I have this thing for Vamps!! And shifters…

    • Thanks for your interest. I’ve emailed you.

  3. I would also like to be put on list for ARC’s for new book series if possible. This looks like quite a captivating read

    • Thanks for your interest. I’ve emailed you.

  4. I just wondered if you were giving any arcs for these books as I haven’t seen you doing it recently? I’ve always left you reviews if that’s the problem?

    • Hi Caroline, Yup. I do offer ARCs for my review team. I’ll email you a link just in case you’re not on it anymore. Sometimes mail goes to spam too. Thanks for reaching out!